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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  October 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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it was the night before the world series when all through the town the fans were stirg ready to bring the house. at the ku the championship banner was ready to be hung with care across the street dreams of a second championship were in the air. the king in wine and gold. the and b had visions of a sweep dancing in their heads. fans ready too with their jerseys and caps ready to cheer before a long winter's name. on james, on irving, on shump, on to larry. to the top of the leader board, to the top of the wins now rally
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progressive field where we are about 22 hours from game one of the fall classic as we get ready for a day like no other city has ever seen. a day of sports history going down in leave land ohio. i'm russ mitchell. sarah is off tonight. let's get you ready with a guy who has seen it all, except for this. >> you are right. this is the day of a sport's fan lifetime. not only has anything like this would have to scratch your head to think that it happened anywhere. to celebrate an nba championship, but to have game 1 of a world series in your town. over in progressive field today, the place was packed with media from around the world to see the indians and the chicago cubs. and the indians realized they
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cleveland pulling for them. they have the cavs on their side too. and it's really a nice connection much the cavs have been there for the indians certainly in the postseason. lebron being a cheerleader before play off games. he would love to be there tomorrow but he's busy raising a championship banner and getting a new championship ring. but the indians are feeling the love and ready to cash in. >> people are excited. people walk around the city a little pep in their step. they're excited about what's going on. the cavs came out and supported us a couple of games. lebron gave a speech to us. got everybody going. >> it's going to be fun. it will be great. i'm looking for it. i'm looking forward to hearing our crowd and listening to the cavs when they announce it and stuff. so it will be good. >> i can't imagine what it's going to feel like, but it's
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it. there are much different stakes in the two ven toors. for the cavaliers, it's game one, it's a celebration, they play the knicss after that. their next big came comes up on the playoffs and noop the finals. that's how good they are. the stakes are very big for the indians tomorrow night. they really found themselves in the national league champio they come in red hot. it's going to be fun. that's the key for the indians tomorrow night. keep it fun. it's been fun to be the under dog against boston and toronto. and they are a clear under dog in this series. if they treat it that way and go get it, then they put the pressure on the cubs. the cubs are a -- are a young team and they have had a hard time
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>> that place was really electric. >> it really was. they are number one because they are the chicago cubs. centuries have gone by and the chicago cubs haven't been near the world series. it's fun to see them in play. that's the magic of it. the nation is in love with the cubs story. i think they are being to fall in love with the indians as they watch them play. the indians in '95 and '97 had great hitting teams. they h pitching. and they got beat by great pitching. this team has great pitching and just enough hitting to get by. great pitching can win you a world series. >> see you later in sports. the stit is buzzing tonight with anticipation and hope. northeast ohio is starting to get familiar with it. let's take a look live at what's going on. >> reporter: the national media
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the city that is shining so brightly again. you can see them setting up behind me. but guess what, the cubs fans are here too. like it or not, we met a lot of them tonight. a lot of good 98 urd rooting -- nature rooting back and forth. you know what we say, bring it. >> we want to capture the feel of a city an the fan's >> the who's who at the at part. >> i'm a born and raised cleveland. >> now nelson is back espn sports center on the road. >> did it look anything like this in '97. >> no. the fan base is just great. >> reporter: hear that the guy
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shirt. welcome to the cle club fans. >> i won't feel realtor blee bad if we lose. >> reporter: can get we have get that in writing. >> reporter: nbc producer here live. >> we saw all excited how the fans were. >> reporter: poor cubs fans. >> to come into a city with this kind of vibe this year right now. >> reporter: cleveland has the most momentum of any now. the momentum of bre bron and the title there. that is so fresh in the fans' minds and that's something we want to capture. >> reporter: you heard him say the momentum in this city. we want to introduce you to wrigley and his cubs fan dan and we have some tissues on stand by. >> no. >> reporter: it's fun.
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this city, i don't env. >> thanks a lot, dawn. as dawn pointed out, businesses also are getting into the excitement surrounding the world series. the pizza down in the city is chief g um chief wahoo is made out of pepperoni. traffic into the city and parking likely to be very tricky. to avoid that take the rta, they are offering $5 round trip tickets, and a new app that let's plans pay from their phones. if you arrive early us va let service up front.
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raise tomorrow night. >> everyone increases pricing and make it so expensive to do anything when sports is in town. >> if you live in the west side, another option is the west side shuttle. tomorrow it will be free. it will make stops in rocky mount, bay village. >> the world series guide. there you will find a guy of where to park, how to navigate downtown. if you use, prepare for higher premiums. premiums will increase an average of 25% to mid level plans. the increases will happen in states by the federal online. it begins on november 1st.
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we were taught when it comes to helping heroin addicts get clean by allowing them to get high. this has been done in canada and andrew tells us it could one day happen here. >> reporter: jody was a promising figure 68 er. today -- skater. today getting high. it's north america's only legal heroin injection center located in vancouver canada. it's a model for what some u.s. cities want in their community. >> safe injection works. 2 million injections at that site, zero overdose deaths. >> a controversial proposal to
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called heroin safe zones. he feels lives would be saved if staff could intervene at the moment of an overdose and then counsel on treatment. >> we have to admit to ourselves that what we have been doing is a complete failure. >> others argue it sends the wrong message, plus it's illegal. >> it's a big step for a community and a lot of people have a problem with it. >> reporter: but we may be running out of opss. >> this is clearly a very very continuously getting worse. >> reporter: we return to local counselors including aaron mark who was once an addict. >> you can recommend treatment. >> what we're doing is counting bodies now. >> make runs a treatment center? for teens and admits he would have once found the plan unthinkable. >> as a treatment professional, we are chasing things that we cannot catch up to. you have to consider injection sites.
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more than 10,000 people in 2014. that year 350 of those deaths were in cuyahoga county and this year will likely shatter that. tonight lawmakers in new york, maryland and the stit of seattle are taking the proposal seriously. though there are no known plans for oeb, this is known. >> 125 people are going to today from opioid and 125 people will die tomorrow. >> reporter: believing more needs to be done even if it means watching drug users slowly destroying thems. >> very important story. coming up, lucky charm a simple gesture from a second grade er is getting national tension and getting the indians some luck. plus a cleveland couple who lost erg in a fire gets a dream
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start your day sounds great how the girl scouts are taking their recipes to the breakfast table. >> it's about time i can have that for breakfast and make it publicly known. as far as the forecast goes, the big question will we have rain during game 2 of the world series. we'll talk about game one. we'll talk about game two,
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. let's take another look now at progressive field on the eve of the ball park. if you look it the left of the screen there you see the reporters probably from chicago and beyond doing shots for their br penny pick it up, all day long you'll have good luck. that's a saying that a gufrj of girls believe the cleveland indians believe to be true. >> reporter: meet mia from second grade. they sent a short stop to
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was one of those sub super stigss. >> they sent the penny to the team not knowing it would officially land in the pocket of a player. >> did you think it would land in his pocket. >> not really. >> reporter: the short stop ended up hitting a home run in game 1 and a game winning rbi in game two. >> when heen penny after the game, it was just awesome. >> reporter: so now that the team has landed a spot in the world series. roosevelt elementary thought they could use all the luck they could get. >> they actually have a jar of pennies to give to them for good luck. >> reporter: with a jar of good luck and the season rallying together, the principal has one
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world series. >> reporter: reporting from cleveland, channel 3 news. it is the happen yes day of their lives, but just 48 hours later they lost erg. we introduced you to a newly we had couple last month. pete suffered burns to 22% of his body. tonight they received a big surprise. >> it's getting cold and it's getting cold fast so of beaches and palm trees sound incredible. it's amazing we get to go for an all expense paid everything. >> resorts decided to give him an expense paid for honey moon. they say they are blown away by all the support they received. if you love girl scout cookies, you will soon be able to eat them for brack fast.
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general mills have teemd up to create a serial. general mills has confirmed the seer yals will be -- cereals will be in stores nationwide in january. you can get the official serial. >> i don't have to feel as guilty. i don't have to hide my guilty pleasure. >> you shared it with everybody so it's all good. >> we're thin mint lovers together. let's take a look forecast because home fl lee you have a good big cup of coffee with you as you head out the door. temperature on the average will be right around 40. we'll have some areas in the mid 30s. like wise we'll have some areas in the mid to upper 30s at the start of the day much the temperatures start to taper back a little so the evening rush will be in the upper 40s. the great lakes region missed
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high pressure is in control over the northern part of the great lakes. we have a clockwise flow that brings that air down over the sh sh -- over of the northern lakes. we should start to see a little bit more in the way of sunshine tomorrow. as that low moves east, we will have an area of low pressure developing on the lee ward side of the rockies. that area of low pressure is expected to come east. here ishe stay just north of us and when it does so allow more dry air to come in on wednesday, see where i'm going with this, or does this thing come right at us and keep us right on the edge of rain showers throughout wednesday evening, and then we're pretty much guaranteed rain on thursday at this point. the models have been wavering back and forth a little bit. let's take care of tuesday first. don't think the clouds are going to be a problem. but look at those temperatures
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elsewhere. by noon we're up around 50. generally speaking, temperatures will be 50 maybe to 54, 55 across the area. northwest winds at ten. we are going to hold right around 50 degrees at the start of the game tomorrow. then you can see it tapers back in the upper 40s. we'll go with a mix of partly cloudy skies throughout the game time. once we get into the day on wednesday, look at dover starting the day a then we bring in a warm front. this front will likely bring some showers with it during the middle part of the day. by evening look how this gets right in there and sits over us. that's what we are talking about with this rain chance. there is still a lot that can change. tomorrow's temperature topping out at 50 degrees or so. 47 for wednesday. the rest of the week looks a lig soggy late week and once we get
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some more rain chances. >> thank you. the spark plug of the indians offense is hoping to
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game 1, let's set it up for you. indians cubs. jason kipnis, sore ankle. he was practicing as he was testing out the ankle. i guess you would have to say it came in the thrill of victory. last wednesday night he jumped up in the air with lindor. lindor came down and landed on
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ankle. >> trust me, i don't care, if we win this one i will jump even higher. it was a freak accident. i happened to roll it. when you add the blood pumping and the sweating going on it was going to get some good sweating. hopefully it will look like it never happened tomorrow. the indians feel like they are in goopd hands. club er is ready his era is belong.198. that is exception. i think it's vital that he wins tomorrow night. >> two teams haven't one in a very long time. one of those is going to be reversed nd about a week. i think it's a good story if nothing out, to have the two longest drauts without wing a title facing each other is a good story for tt background of the series.
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the list finally. after many many moons of not being here. the last time they were in the series 1945. they will go with left hander john lester. he's won in when the world series before. when he was with the red sox he pitched one. the cubs realize the indians have some kind of good magic going. >> this indians team is one of the best. i don't think they get ny defsh -- deserve, so we are going to have to go out there and really battle. >> usually on monday nights the browns go and get a new quarterback. this monday night they went and got a new quarterback. his name is joe calendar han picked him up off waivers from the new orleans saints. played at lambo field when he was with the green bay packers.
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he's on the active roster. that's because kessler has the concussion. yesterday 31-17 bengals and the -- (inaudible) what's being said to the special teams coach. it's not about the head set. >> i don't blame him at all for what they did. i think he's playing terrible. i think he has their back every monday and say i could have
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thing. i thought he did the right thing yesterday. i would expect a much better effort defense i have lee later this week. >> now on happier terms. tomorrow night enjoy it everybody. you've all des served it. >> from the agony t extasy. >> exactly. erved it.
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. get ready, get a good
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jim and his guests -- ricky gervais, evan rachel wood,


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